Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Look what I made... My Outlander Scarf

I am a rather large fan of the Outlander Series.

I love the books by Diana Gabaldon...

and I love the TV series on Starz...

It is not often that series or movies do any justice to the books they are based on, however, in the case of this series, the Starz has done an amazing job...

Especially the costume department.

I am crazy about all of the knit wear that the characters wear. Especially Claire.

Some of the girls at work and I are obsessed with the series, both the books and the TV series.

I wanted to make them jealous...

So I crocheted myself this scarf.

It is quite easy.

I found a chunky mixed colored yarn in an Outlander color, browns... but greens or greys would also work.

I made a ring of chain stitches the size that I wanted, and then double crochet until it was super big and cozy.

It is that easy!

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